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Welcome to Neha Technologies

Neha Technologies is a leading consulting and Information Technology company providing top class business consulting, information technology & communication services. We offer professional and affordable services of website design and development. Whether you are looking to build your first website or making enhancements to the current site. We can help your business to grow profoundly by innovative and search engine friendly web designs. We understand the objective of creating website and understand the principle of web designing to obtain the best results.

We provide Web application development, website maintenance, website design, internet marketing , e-commerce application development, payment gateway, content management systems, blogs, software development & mobile application developmentand SEO. We are specializes in designing high quality and effective web sites, web development for small to medium-sized business clients all over the world. Quality is the key without compromising on costs and in this process we strive to create value to businesses.

Neha Technologies delivers technology solutions that improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of our clients.Our methodology ensures a very flexible model for software development. We know all too well that no design is ever set in stone – business requirements may change by the minute, details often emerge even through implementation and changes may be required at any step for the product to truly match your unique needs.




Our dedicated & qualified IT professionals look through powerful challenges & aim to provide the finest quality deliverables keeping in mind the actual requirements of the user within stipulated time. Through teamwork and step-by-step progress, we are delivering cost effective and reliable IT services to all our clients. Matching the specific needs/requirements by providing additional values to our customers is our only motto. Hence, we will always be keen maintaining and updating the quality of job we provide.

In a nutshell our strong technical team can help ensure that the offshore software development services we provide feet your business needs and meet your expectations.

We can help you to become web connected by providing solutions like :

  • Θ Custom Website Design
  • Θ Website Development
  • Θ Web Application Development
  • Θ Desktop Application Development
  • Θ Banner Creation
  • Θ Ecommerce
  • Θ SEO Services
  • Θ Google Adsense / Adwords / Analytics
  • Θ Mobile Application Development

Neha Technologies never has to rely on sales reps or annoying cold calls in order to secure new business. Our growth has been fuelled by word-of-mouth recommendations from a veritable legion of satisfied customers. We’d love for you to be one of them! Check out our previous work and see why we’re the number one choice for those who need a cost-effective online presence and a successful website and social media marketing strategy.